Mission Statement

The mission of Olson Insurance is to provide competitively priced insurance protection to our policyholders in a profitable and efficient manner.

Business Philosophy

We will provide quality insurance products to our policyholders/owners at a reasonable price. Quality customer service will be delivered to our policyholders. We will handle all of our business relationships in a professional, responsive, and ethical manner at all times.

Management decisions will be made in light of their effect on our policyholders, while striving to protect and increase our financial strengths at all times.

We will be a responsible employer. All employees will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect at all times. Employees will be free to offer their suggestions to management for the operation of the company. We will be responsible corporate citizens in the communities in which we operate.

Our reputation, based on honesty and integrity, is a history which we are proud of. We will continue to do our best to earn this continued reputation in the coming years. We commit ourselves to strive for excellence today and tomorrow for the benefit of our policyholders.

Corporate Goals

  1. Maintain and enhance our financial strength and security.
  2. Conduct operations in a profitable and efficient manner
  3. To provide protection to our policyholders at a competitive price.
  4. Provide outstanding customer service to our policyholders.
  5. Develop a professional agency force which will be outstanding representatives for the company.
  6. Provide a dedicated and educated group of agents, staff, and directors who are committed to the mutual philosophy and strive to do their best for the successful and perpetual operation of the company.